Fast Times at Farmington May 21st

   Coming up in over a month is the Premier VW Event in the Southeast. Be sure to get your registrations in for the show car area, hotel rooms etc. This is always a HUGE EVENT with over 65 new and used parts vendors, 150 + show cars and of course Drag Racing.

     More info as time gets closer, we will have more info on times to get in for camping and setup on Saturday night. Registration for show cars is open, just go to the event page and click on the link to the left. Just fill out your information and you will pay day of show.

Also, we have a new layout for our show/swap area to help improve more VW parking and swap meet space. Just remember, all swap meet spaces are good ones.. This is one event that no matter where you are, its a good spot. The layout is posted on our event page. Take a look and be sure to share with your friends!

CLICK HERE for all the info.

 Big Bug Shootout #13 Results

   We had a Beautiful day for the event! The overall turnout for the event was a good one, with over 25 new and used parts vendors were in attendance. Which is more then we have ever had there. The show car area, still is just not going well as we only had 40 in the show, with others just parked there. Is there something keeping you from showing, or would you rather see us change that area around? The Racing was Hot this day as we had around 45 VW racers out and about. We have noticed in the last few races that our attendance is increase on that end.

     Show & Race Results have been posted. CLICK HERE for the rundown.

Do you have any suggestions' or comments? Don't be shy, please let us know.

 Silver Dollar Showdown Results

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to the event. We had a beautiful day! Our racer count was up from previous years, but the spectator count was way down. Hope to be able to contiune this event for the future, but it looks like we might have to make some changes to do so. What do you think of the event? Let us know. We love hearing from you. 

Complete results have been posted CLICK HERE to view.

Photos will be posted soon. But we are in need of some photos from the show area. We were not able to get any photos from area. Do you have some to share? Email us at

        Winter Volksfest #11 Results

    We would like to Thank everyone that came out to the event at the NC State Fairgrounds this past Saturday. It was quite a foggy overcast day, but the VW folks came out to see some VWs and buy some parts. As always, these events can't exist without your support.

    We had just a few spots left in the building, but I do believe everyone had a good time. Looking into 2018, we are looking to change things around for this event. We want to see it grow, but we can't do that in the building we are in now. Would like to make it where we can bring more vendors in and make it like a trade show environment so our VW folks can showcase their businesses, plus have our show area as well. Any thoughts or suggestions from you guys are always welcome! First we have to try our best to get with the Fairgrounds, so we can get the bigger building for the future.

CLICK HERE for photos and results


2017 Schedule

    Our event Schedule has been posted. Be sure to mark your calendars', share and invite your friends. CLICK HERE for a complete rundown.

If you would like a Schedule Flyer, just send us a note and we can send you one by email or mail.


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