Fast Times at Farmington #28 Results

October 15, 2017

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Fast Times at Farmington #28 Oct 15th

    WOW! What an event! We were expecting a good turnout, but what we got was out of this world!
    Sunday started out foggy, but it burned away to a gorgeous Blue sky day.We had just over 2000 spectators, 200 VWs in the show area, 80 racers and around 60 vendors. This was the Largest Turnout for the Fall event ever! Lots of Beautiful VWs in the show area, weather they were on Display or to be judged. Everything from Trikes, Kit Cars, stock,
modified, full custom or our late model Watercooled brothers. The vendor area included some nice NOS parts, used goodies and a wide selection of new parts. The racer area, well if you didn't check out these FAST VWs, you missed out! We had several Headsup Classes from the ECPRA Pro Stocks, Pro Outlaw and the Aircooled Street Association, plus our 3 bracket classes that were competing for the SEVWA Championship.
      We certainly hope you all had a great time! This is what it is all about! We have heard from some of you at the event about making some improvements to the show area and we will look into that for our 2018 year. If you have a question or comments about the show, please let us know. We want to hear from you!
      We would like to Thank our Family and Friends that help us with portions of the event and all the track personnel that help the day go smoothly on the track. Most importantly, YOU the VW Enthusiast, without YOU these events wouldn't be possible! For all of you that are only minutes away, to those that drive for hours and some days to make the event.

Show awards


Best of Show Aircooled: Gary Crull


Best of Show Watercooled: Benny Broyles 91 Jetta


Promoter's Choice: James Steele 64 Crewcab


Best Workmanship: Larry Thomas


Inner Beauty: Mickey Shaw 59 Single Cab with Puck



Most Original:   Cameron Paynter 69 Beetle

Best Use of Color: Ethan Icenhour 60 Beetle



1) Beetle Stock (pre-58)

    1st: Gray Lord 57 Beetle

2) Beetle Modified (pre-58)

    1st: Raymond Rodriguez 55 Beetle

3) Beetle Stock (59-64)

   1st: Doug Robertson 60 Beetle

    2nd: Eric Etchison 62 Beetle

4) Beetle Modified (59-64)

    1st: Ethan Icenhour 60 Beetle

    2nd: Mark Lloyd 63 Beetle

5) Beetle Stock (65 - 67)

   1st: Bill Tate 65 Beetle

   2nd: (TIE) Justin Clark 62 Beetle

       Jimmy Reed 67 Beetle

6) Beetle Modified (65-67)

  1st: Jeff & Sherry Plocks 65 Beetle

  2nd: Billy Futch 65 Beetle

7) Beetle Stock (68-up)

    1st: Michael Daniels 70 Beetle

    2nd: Kevin Whitesides 70 Beetle

8) Beetle Modified (68-up)

    1st: Jeff Smith 74 Beetle

    2nd: Jeff Grimm 68 Beetle

 9) Karmann Ghia Stock

    1st: Jeff Clark 72

    2nd: (TIE) Ghil Soares 67 & James Jones 69

10) Karmann Ghia Modified

    1st: Robert Zenko 72

    2nd: Jim Wachter 67

11) Type II Stock (pre-67)

    1st: Alex Rodriguez 66 Westy

12) Type II Modified (pre-67)

   1st: Mickey Shaw 59 Single Cab & Puck

   2nd: James Steele 64 Double Cab

13) Type II Stock (68 & up)

    1st: Duane Hollifield 72

     2nd: (TIE) Bobby DeBellis 72 Westy

           Maxine Caldwell 69 Westy

14) Type II Modified (68 & up)

      1st: Jason Jert 71

15) Type III (all)

   1st: Heath White 68 Squareback

    2nd: Gary Ruffle 71 Fastback

16) Thing  N/A

17) Buggy

   1st: Robert Loudermilk

18) Baja

    1st: Donald Turner 70

    2nd: Alan Tickle 68

19) Rail

    1st: Thomas Barber

    2nd: Garry Dolin

20) Trike

     1st: Ada Williamson

     2nd: Phil Blackwell

21) Full Custom (air or water)

   1st: Bob Staley 71 Super Beetle

   2nd: Eric Smith 69 Beetle

22) Daily Driver (aircooled) all years

     1st; Cameron Paynter 69 Beetle

     2nd: Randy Howrshell 74 Super

23) Special Interest

     1st: James Jones 71 Super Beetle

     2nd: Chris Gray 72 412

24) Under Construction (all)

     1st: David Beatha 71 Super

     2nd: Joesph Ring 73 Beetle

25) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered)

     1st: Scooter Jacobs 52 MGTD

     2nd: James Jones 28 Bentley Kit

26) Rat Rod

     1st: Jason Oliver

     2nd: Matthew McGuien


27)Stock Watercooled ALL YEARS

    1st: Paula Byrd 16 Jetta

    2nd: Tommy Wolff 03 GTI

28)Modified MKI/MKII golf / cabriolet / jetta /Passat

    1st: Walt Fortney 84 Jetta

    2nd: Freddie Rivas 85 Cabrio

29) Modified MKIII/MKIV golf / cabriolet /jetta / Passat

   1st: Jeremy Smith 96 GTI

30) Modified MKV/MKVI golf / jetta / Passat b6 (05 -10)

   1st: Chris Brown 11 GTI

    2nd: Frank Carter 08 R32

31) Modified MK7/MK8 Golf/Jetta/Passat (11 & up)

    1st: Jeffery Sasser 14 GTI

    2nd: David Mitchell 15 GTI

32) Vanagon/Eurovan (all)

    1st: Douglas Raynor 85 Westy

     2nd: Helder Pereira 81 Westy

33) other watercooled (Vanagon/Eurovan/ Fox/New Beetle/Etc)

   1st: Robert Owens 99 Beetle

   2nd: Marvin Wall 14 Beetle

34) Patina Beetle (Sponsored by Smitty's Smoothies)

   1st: Chris Bailey 64 Beetle

    2nd: Logan Francum 64 Beetle