Silver Dollar Showdown Results

March 8, 2009

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It was a Beautiful weekend for the Silver Dollar Showdown! We certainly hope that you had a great time! If you weren't able to attend, hope you can in the future! Without you, these shows would not exist! We need your support for the VW Hobby to keep events such as these going.

The show area had 65 VW models with Jason Brooks'  64 Beetle taking the Best of Show. Another that will be a show stopper before the end of the year is Mike Harris' 58 Ragtop Beetle. He took Best Paint and Best Interior with this car, but he still has a little more work to do on it. Awesome job Mike and I know you have been waiting a LONG TIME for it! Dave McCutcheon and friends (DTM Engineering & Chico Performance) have been doing some hard work this past few months with their yellow rail, but what REALLY stands out is the WILD engine that they have in the back of this thing! They took it out for the Dyno Day and also down the track to get some numbers on this 1915cc Garrett T3 Turbo.

The race area was a bit on the downside. The Sportsman and Pro classes had to be combine due to low turnout. Where was everyone? In the end Florida's Eric Michener took the win in Super Pro over SC's Blake May. Mel Shealy is back and took the win in the Pro class over Carrollton, Ga's Steven Herrell. Also in the Street Challenge Gil Comeau took top honors with Justin Flowers coming in 2nd.

We certainly hope that you had a good time and hope to see you again in 2010! If you have any questions or comments about the show, please let us know! Thanks to all our Sponsors! Jaycee Enterprises, Jada Toys, Vintage Performance, KRE and so many more!

Best of Show: Jason Brooks

Best Paint: Mike Harris

Best Engine: Dave McCutcheon

Best Interior: Mike Harris

Promoters Choice: Deborah Scott


1) Beetle Sedan/Convertible stock (pre-67)

1st: Barbara Johnson

2nd: Joe Wilson

2) Beetle Sedan/convertible Modified (pre-67)

1st: Justin Flowers

2nd: Mike Heinze

3) Beetle Sedan/Convertible stock (68&up)

1st: Alvis Anthony

2nd: John Pike

4) Beetle Sedan/convertible Modified (68&up)

1st: Nigel Poland

5) Karmann Ghia (All)

1st: Jack Denton

2nd: Ben Paddick

6) Type II (All)

1st: Sandra Buckholts

2nd: Catherine Muse

7) Type II Modified

1st: Steve Wagner

2nd: Lee Street

 8) Type III (All)

1st: Mike Chambers

9) Thing

1st: Harry Wood

2nd: Al Hodge

10) Buggy 

1st: Kelly Jean

11) Baja  None

12) Rail

1st: Brandon Spires

2nd: Joe Riley

13) Trike    

1st: David Adams

2nd: Rob Gill

14) Rat Rod /Hoodride

1st: Jacob Simpson

2nd: Drew Baker

15) Full Custom (air/water)

1st: Joe Murphy

2nd: William Dunn

 16) Daily Driver (Aircooled All years) 

 1st: Jason Brooks

2nd: Deborah Scott

17) Special Interest 

1st: Logan Birdsong

2nd: Dave McCutcheon

18) Under Construction 

1st: Mike Harris

2nd: Don Hall

19) Watercooled stock (all years)

1st: Erik Lowry

2nd: Drew Fields

20) Watercooled Modified (All Years)

1st: Mark Tan

2nd: Ace Lowry