Summer Volksfest #4 June 24, 2017 Jacksonville Fairgrounds in Jacksonville, FL.

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Thanks to Deidra Warren, Luci & Mike Jacobs

More Photos CLICK HERE thanks to Joey Jenerette



We had a good turnout of 84 VWs in the building with quite a few outside. Vendor count was good, but we can always have more. Swap meet is always good. Cold A/C in the building always makes for a good show. We hope that you had a good time, as that is what it is all about!

 Already got the date set for June 23rd, 2018. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. This event is for you and we want to make it the best it can be!


Best of Show Aircooled: Henry Martin 56 Beetle


Best of Show Watercooled: Jesus Caracoza 08 R32


Promoters Choice: Jose Mercaldo 64 Buggy


Inner Beauty: Francisco Flores 57 Beetle


Best Workmanship: Andy Ford  Squareback

Most Original: Lee Mobley 73 Camper

Best use of color: Charles Hardrick 69 Rat Rod


Best Patina (Sponsored by Smitties Smoothies)


Top 50

  Francisco Flores / Dennis DuBois / Matt Brunner / Jesus Rivera / Raul Rodriguez

Jeff Fehrenkemp / Lee Mobley / Roberto Cruz / Jorge Gomez / Jim Coyle

Pedro Coriano / Eric Rosas / Pedro Savedra / Angel Rodriguez

Jose Torres / Michael Olden / Nelson Feliciano / Deana Morgan / Bob Cook

Dale Edwards / Ricardo Montanez / Eddie DeSilva / John Sena / Clive Vernon

Zach Stillittano / George Gharib / Kimberly Long / Jimmy Riddle / Walter Lizasuain

Bob Cook / Eduardo Rodriguez / Patrick Chaffin / Hunter Gaskins / Raymond Mullins

Kenny Burogas / Charles Hotchkiss / Pam Chaffin / Scooter Joe / Pat Callihan

Luis Gonzales / Eric Hernandez / Emiliano Arriage / Ernie Braun / Jose Reyes

John Kissinger / Bryan Schilsky / Judith Gomez / Justin Bogan/ Tyler Anderson