Pittsburgh Classic Show Results

September 8, 2013

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Race Results


Bracket 1/8 mile

Winner: Troy McNair

Runner-up: Tom Simpson


Ultimate Street 1/4 mile

Winner: Brian Haenszel

Runner-up: Daryl Reynolds






Best of Show Air: Earl Hopkins 63 Beetle

Best of Show Water: Jim Baird 99 Beetle


Promoters Choice: Alan Klein 65 Camper


1) Beetle sedan/ convertible stock (Pre-67)

1st:  Paul Sollenberger 66 Beetle Convertible

2nd: Jason Cody 61 Beetle

2) Beetle sedan/ convertible Modified (Pre-67)

1st: Earl Hopkins 63 Beetle

2nd: Mike Silk

3) Beetle sedan/ convertible Stock (68 & up)

1st: TIE Andy Lamperski 68 Beetle

Jason Antitomas 73 Super Beetle

2nd: TIE Don Fetterman 72 Beetle

Denise  Debellis 79 Super Convertible

4) Beetle sedan/ convertible Modified (68 & up)

1st: Lisa Callahan 78 Beetle Convertible

2nd: Adam Litmin  72 Beetle

5) Karmann Ghia (all)

1st:  Dolly McCoy 71 

2nd: John Golock 71

6) Type II Stock

1st: Alan Klein 65 Camper

2nd: Frank Zambotti 60 Single Cab

7) Type II Modified

1st: Ben Lutz  62 Panel

8) Type III (ALL)

1ST: Andrian Lamperski 71 Squareback

9) Thing

1st: Cliff Waugaman

2nd: William Snyder

10) Buggy

1st: Bill Briscoe

2nd: Scott Gelsdolf

11) Baja

1st: Kevin Callahan

2nd: Gary Pishko

12) Rail  NONE           

13) Trike

1st: Rich Kurth

2nd: Don Fetterman

14) Rat Rod NONE

15) Full Custom

1st: Bruce Main

2nd: Mike Hillberry

16) Daily Driver (ac all years)

1st: Charles Purelli

2nd: Troy Thrasher 62 Transporter

17) Special Interest 

1st: Andy Krishak 69 Woodywagen

2nd: Bob Roberts 74 Beetle Convertible V8

18) Under Construction

1st: Daniel Lutz

2nd: Susan Mink

19)Watercooled Stock (all years)

1st: Cindy Babiak 2010 Beetle Convertible

2nd: Damian Resick  12 Jetta

20) MK1-MKII Modified

1st: Eric Krantz 92 GTI

2nd: Matt Pagac 00 Jetta

21) MKIII-MKIV Modified

1st: Justin Dorsh 03 GTI

2nd: Dominick Scanga 98 GTI

22) MKV-MKVI Modified

1st: Kenny Mae Nellis 11 GTI

2nd: Zack Adams 06 GTI

23: Other Watercooled

1st: Jim Baird 99 Beetle

2nd: Bruce Ziegler 00 Eurovan