Fast Times at Farmington Show Results

October 24, 2010

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        What a Beautiful Fall Weekend for the 14th running of the Fast Times at Farmington held at Farmington Dragway in Mocksville, NC.

        It all started on Saturday afternoon with the Unlimited Street East Cruise. Many of you came on out to the Quality Inn in Mocksville to join the USE guys in their cruise or just to hang out. That evening we had a racers meeting at the Sagebrush to talk about the future. After some good food, we had a lengthy discussion on various subjects. It was a very productive meeting and we thank all of you that were able to attend. That evening, the track grounds were already hopping with some campers, vendors and racers, ready to get a head start on Sunday's happenings!

Sunday morning was certainly a busy one! The line was already down around the bend at 7am when the gates open and there were no dull moments. It was a constant line until around 1pm. There were over 40 used parts vendors, New Parts & Toys/shirts/stickers. I know there were lots of good deals to be found and some even were sold out by 10am! If you weren't there early, be sure to get there early next time!

      The show area, WOW, a total of 168 show cars filled the area this go around! In the racing section, we had a total of around 70 racers (counting the Pro Stock, Pro Outlaw & USE Classes). The Unlimited Street Class had a full field with 16 cars! We had visitors from as far as Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas in the racing area. We hope that these guys will come back again and race with us or just visit.

      It was certainly a overwhelming day for everyone! We would like to thank each and everyone of you for coming out to the event and hope that you will come again and bring your friends. Hope that you all had a good time and if you have any questions or comments about the show, please let us know. We would like to thank all of you & our sponsors for making the 2010 year happen. Especially those that help out at the event (Lonnie Jacobs, Regina Mitchell, Joe & Teresa Serrubo, Porky Briggs, Kelly Brown and all those that volunteered for judging. If you can help out in the future, please let us know. We are always looking for help and would like to have a host club as well.

We will be back again in 2011 on April 11th and Oct 23rd so mark your calendars! Also check back for our full schedule.

      Best of Show: Phillip Sheek 60 Euro Beetle

Best Paint: Ethan Icehour 60 Beetle

Best Engine: Melanie Herman 74 Beetle Convertible

Promoters Choice: Jody Linder 65 Crewcab

Best Interior: Barry Greene 61 Beetle


1) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (pre-62)      

1st: Timothy Hayes 50 Beetle     

2nd: Doug Robertson 60 Beetle         

2) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (pre-62)

1st: Phillip Sheek 60 Euro Beetle

2nd: Ethan Icenhour 60 Beetle      

3) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (63-67)

1st: Jerry Boger 65 Beetle

2nd: Floyd Hamilton 67 Beetle      

4) Beetle Sedan/Convertible  Modified (63-67)

1st: Jonathan Cantrell  63 Beetle

2nd: Bob Russo  63 Beetle    

5) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (68 & up)

1st: Frances Drewry  73 Beetle

2nd: Dustin Cade  70 Beetle         

6) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (68 & up)

1st: David Clodfelter 69 Beetle

2nd: David Reed 70 Beetle         

7) Karmann Ghia Stock   

1st: Gary Harper 69

2nd: Sean Fraser 62 Convertible     

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

1st: Jonathan Deyoung 74

2nd: Tom Leid  69       

9) Type II Stock         

1st: John & Lydmila Baker 66 21 Window

2nd: Oliver Earl 67        

10) Type II Modified

1st: Jeffrey Smith 61

2nd: Chris Holland  59 Single Cab       

11) Type III        

1st: Jamey Couthen 73 Fastback

2nd: Tommy Davidson  66 Squareback       

12) Thing

1st: Marty Akes 74

2nd: Danny Crawford 73      

13) Buggy   

1st: John McKusker

2nd: Jeff Huber Manx        

14) Baja  

1st: Perry Gibbons 72

2nd: Alan Tickle 68    

 15) Rail      

1st: Ricky Cade 69

2nd: Mike Laws  

16) Trike

1st: Garland Fie

2nd: James Headley       

17) Full Custom  

1st: Bruce Main 70 Manx Buggy

2nd: Henry Moore  67 Beetle    

18) Daily Driver (Aircooled) pre-65

1st: Randy Hinson 65 Beetle

2nd: Brandon Carpenter 65 Beetle         

19) Daily Driver (Aircooled) 66-71 

1st: Bryan Higgins 66 Beetle

2nd: Jeremy Coble 67 Beetle         

20) Daily Driver (aircooled) 72 & later   

1st: Adam & Mary Gray  73 Super Beetle

2nd: Warren Boger 74 Super Beetle         

21) Under Construction (all)   

1st: Derek Jester  69 Beetle

2nd: Larry Hegler 74 Beetle         

22) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered)

1st: Patrick Van  84 Kelmark GT

23) Special Interest     

1st: Ernest Webster 63 Roadster

2nd: (Tie)Mike Kemp 67 Rail & Kevin Todden 70 Beetle

 24) Rat Rod

1st: David Beadling  74 Beetle

2nd: (tie) Angela Wilson 61 Beetle & Zach Long 75 Beetle

25) Unrestored Custom    

1st: John Feeny 70 Beetle

2nd: Tyler Sailsbury  61 Beetle     

26) Watercooled  Stock (pre-98)   

1st: Lindsey Haislop 98 Cabrio

2nd: Yaw Juwah 83 Rabbit Pickup         

27)Watercooled Modified (pre-98)  

1st: Douglas Raynor 85 Westy

2nd: Sean Frasier 91 Vanagon     

28)Watercooled Stock (99 & up)

1st: Lauren Boger 06 Jetta

2nd: Frank Carter 08 R32